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Sobota, 7 grudnia 2019
20:05 Macro Hive: "When We Fall Back Into A Recession And Real QE Returns, Watch Out"
19:34 Central Bank Liquidity Firehose Turns Wall Street Most Pessimistic In 15 Years
19:00 Pablo Escobar's Brother Releases A Foldable Smartphone To Compete With Samsung
18:30 Suppressing Dissent Guarantees Disorder And Collapse
18:04 CNN Ratings Drop To Three-Year Low Amid Constant Impeachment Coverage
17:38 North Korea Says Denuclearization "Off Negotiating Table" After Breakdown In Talks 
17:00 Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Yanked Off Live Radio For Excessive Swearing
16:30 Rickards: Trade Wars Just Getting Started
16:00 Iran Releases American Grad Student Held Since 2016 In Prisoner Swap
15:30 What's Possible?
15:11 Ukraine Was The Origin Of The Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax
14:55 Bloomberg Echoes Harry Reid 'No Negro Dialect' Gaffe In Tone-Deaf Comment About Cory Booker
14:33 Epstein Was A Mossad Agent Used To Blackmail American Politicians, Former Israeli Spy Claims
14:20 Germany: Antifa Radicals Threaten To Assassinate AfD Member Of Parliament
13:45 President Of Hong Kong American Chamber Of Commerce Rejected Entry To Macau
13:10 NATO Splits Reveal Alliance Is Redundant
12:35 The Average Cost Of An Illegally Purchased M16
12:22 Outrage After Police Use Bystanders As "Human Shields" In Florida UPS Truck Shootout
12:00 Fiat's Failings, Gold, & Blockchains
04:25 Visualizing The New Cryptocurrency Economy
04:05 Sociopaths On The Left & Sociopaths On The Right Work To Break Potential US-China Alliance
03:45 Naval Base Terrorist Hosted Dinner Party To Watch Mass Shooting Videos Night Before Attack
03:25 The Impact Of Increased Political Polarization
03:05 Science Prof Calls For Fewer Humans To "Strengthen Human Rights"
02:45 Fake News By Omission - The Mass Media's Cowardly Distortion Tool